Norma Khayat
Web Design, Fall Festival Chair

I’m honored to be able to give my time to those families who are served by Bethlehem Place. Coming from humble beginnings and being raised with the Hispanic culture from my Mother’s side of the family and the Native American from my Father’s, I can empathize with many of the families we serve, as my childhood was likely very similar to theirs.

As life would have it, I’ve been fortunate enough to be free to serve on several different PTA’s, PTO’s and other nonprofit organizations. I consider myself a well-rounded and seasoned volunteer with experience in working with Non-Profits not only in the US but abroad as well. My husband I lived in France for 5 years where 3 of our 4 children were born and in Dubai for 3 years before relocating to Texas in 2013. Wherever I am planted I do my best to bloom and give back to others.

I accept all challenges with a “can do” attitude and look forward to learning something new each and every day! I’m excited to be a part of the Bethlehem Place family and hope to be involved with this wonderful organization for many years to