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Bethlehem Place, Food Pantry in Prosper Texas

Believe it or not, we have hungry families in Prosper and our surrounding communities.  Among those trying to make ends meet are hard-working adults and seniors.  It is the mission of Bethlehem Place, Prosper's food pantry, to maintain life, not lifestyle.  Helping families eat improves not only the quality of life for those who are being served but unites our community toward one of unity through service.

Prosper is unique in that approximately 75% of our food comes from donations from our community; churches, businesses, individuals and other organizations.  Everyone working for Bethlehem Place is a volunteer.  We have no paid positions so every dollar donated goes directly towards Nourishing Our Neighbors.


Our Next Food Drive...

Rhea's Mill Baptist Church

5733 N. Custer Rd. McKinney, TX 75071

At a Glance

Please see Events page for details on this upcoming event scheduled for Oct. 8th, 2018
Every Thanksgiving Season we gather items for a Thanksgiving Basket. More information on this event will follow soon.
More information coming soon!

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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What people say

Child Recipient
Thank you for all the food you've given us. You spread kindness to everyone.
We cannot express enough gratitude your help and services, which have restored the Faith we have in the Collin County area, which we have been part of for the last 15 years.
Bethlehem Place has truly been a blessing for my family. The compassionate Staff always go above and beyond to not only provide nourishment for our bodies but also our souls.
Gayle Bridgeman
Wonderful organization! Tireless volunteers! Helping our local community, one family at a time!
Angela Pipkin
An amazing local organization that provides food and provisions for people in our community.